The Naran Quartet

The Naran Quartet consists of the four musicians Bayanzul Damdinsuren, Stefan Klesse, Eliza Khanafina and Riccardo Acciarino. They all share an endless love for music and a curiosity to reach beyond their own horizons and embrace the unfamiliar.
Together, they are looking for ways to build bridges between their cultures and reflect themselves personally in their music.

The musicians – the four elements of the sun


Bayanzul Damdinsuren is an exceptional Mongolian talent on the horse headed fiddle and in throat singing (both of which are part of UNESCO World Heritage). He studied at the Mongolian National Music and Dance College and has played many international concerts as a Mongolian folk musician. In 2019, he has developed a solo program as a member of Mandach Naran – a rarity for a Mongolian folk musician of the horse headed fiddle. The program was extremely well received in Switzerland. Since then, he has been constantly expanding his repertoire and exploring the boundaries of his own musical traditions in musical dialogs. His first music video Cascading Matter, a collaboration between Mandach Naran and Sommer Filmmusik, won several prizes at the Vegas Movie Awards (best song, best music video, best nature film). Find more about his activities here.

«Bayanzul is our strength. His heart becomes tangible in his sounds. His charisma carries us.»


Stefan Klesse is a passionate musician and scientist who moves skillfully from one world to the next, switching between guitar, saxophone and piano and contributing musically in various contexts.

«Nothing works without Stefan. He connects us all.»


Eliza Khanafina comes from Russia. She studied at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK. She loves discovering new things. She has already won many international competitions, performed as a member of chamber music festivals and gained stage experience as a guest musician with symphony orchestras.

«Eliza’s music is delicate and brilliant. She is the light that lets us shine.»


Riccardo is a versatile multi-instrumentalist with a diverse range of experience on the international concert stage. He is internationally recognized as one of the most promising contemporary performers (Ulysses Network) and has won many prizes and received recognition as a soloist. Riccardo’s interest in contrasting musical genres translates into a musical language that is unique.

«Riccardo is always looking for more. His passion draws us further into the unknown. His way of playing keeps us driven.»


The Naran Quartet was formed in 2022 and 2023 through individual collaborations between Bayanzul Damdinsuren and the other three musicians.

The quartet developed its first repertoire in 2024, which premieres on 17.5.2024 in Zurich and will be released on CD with the help of Sonarsound.




Kulturhaus Helferei,Chapel

19:30 – 21:00

Caravan of Wind


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